Company Profile

We at SDS Realty are confident that we are unique in the service and specialization that we offer our clients. Every one of our associates grew up in the Pacific Northwest and have spent their real estate career working and specializing in the Spokane and Inland Northwest markets. Each of our associates is a specialist in a particular aspect of commercial real estate and you can be certain that you will be served by the associate whose experience, knowledge and specialization is matched to your particular situation or needs.

Since SDS Realty enjoys such a long history of serving the regional market, working with an SDS Associate means that you not only have a real estate professional but an established and experienced liaison between you and the real estate community. Our Associates have longstanding relationships with trustworthy and expert appraisers, architects, environmental surveyors, title officers, closing agents and other real estate professionals. SDS also enjoys strong relationships with a variety of lenders who can offer a variety of financing options and services.